The Potty Training Guide - £25

This guide is designed to help you take your child from no awareness of needing the toilet, to taking themselves. It covers:

  • Signs that your child might be ready

  • Preparations for potty training

  • Getting rid of nappies

  • Dealing with poo

  • Night and nap training

  • Managing childcare and potty training

  • Tips and tricks

  • An extensive FAQ section


What parents are saying about The Potty Training Guide

Two accidents on day one and that's been it.

Happy mum

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I bought your potty training guide and started this week with my 25 month old. Two accidents on day one and that's it. He 100% has it and his bladder control is amazing. Struggling with pulling trousers down but he finds me in plenty of time. He has developed a new sense of independence and now demands to do everything himself, bless him. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to take this leap.