The Newborn Sleep Kit - £25

This option is for expecting families or families who have a newborn baby. The Kit provides you with information about newborn sleep and some tools to help support your baby in developing healthy sleeping habits. It contains information on:

  • How to create the best sleep environment for your baby

  • Expectations and goals for newborn sleep

  • Daytime routines – age appropriate windows to guide you

  • Bedtime advice

  • Handling night feeds

  • Handling naps

  • Other tips for success


What parents are saying about the Newborn Sleep Kit

My 11 week old slept through the night


Thank you for your newborn guide! My 11-week-old has now slept through the night (7.30 - 6) for two consecutive nights!

Longest nap ever!


Margot's just done her longest nap ever!! I love this guide as it reminds you not to put pressure on yourself or baby, and naps on you, in the sling/car are ok. Katy is an absolute sleep guru and I cannot recommend her enough!