The Early Wakes Guide - £16

This guide is designed to help you if your child has started experiencing early wake ups (before 6am). These tips can help your little one sleep later in the morning. The guide covers:

  • Daytime routine and how it affects early wakes

  • Tips for managing the sleep environment

  • The best way to start your day to avoid early wakes

  • How food and feeding can impact early wakes


What parents are saying about the early wakes guide

He's going through until 6am

Happy parent

We've used your early wakes guide and referred back to it a few times. My son was waking at 4am, since making changes from your guide, he's going through until 6am, amazing!xx

Stayed asleep until 7am!!

Happy parent

I followed your advice in the Guide for food, milk, and nap yesterday. This morning was the first time in 4 months Marlee has stayed asleep till 7am.