The Cot to Bed Guide

If your toddler is aged 2.5 years or older, sleeping well in their cot, and you’re looking to transition them to a bed, this is the guide for you! This guide give you easy to follow advice on how to approach the process. It’s full of helpful strategies that I’ve previously only shared with my 1-1 clients.The guide also comes with a FREE social story colouring book, worth £10, to help explain the changes to your child. My advice would be to download this guide before you make the transition to the bed, rather than when you’ve made the transition and are starting to experience issues. If your child is currently in a cot and not sleeping well, I recommend working on this before transitioning. The Guide includes:

  • Sleep environment

  • Safety considerations

  • What you’ll need

  • How to prepare

  • How to handle getting out of bed and boundary pushing

  • Printables to help your child succeed

  • FAQs


What parents are saying about The Cot to Bed Guide

She's done so well staying in bed


I've just moved my daughter to a bed using your guide. She loves the colouring/story book and we read it every night. She's done so well staying in bed until the Gro Clock says it's morning. Thank you so much for the guide.

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