What if you could help your baby to sleep for 10 - 12 hours at night?

No, really! What if you knew that when you put your baby down to sleep, they would:

* Settle independently within 10-15 minutes;

* Sleep for 10-12 hours through the night (or wake for 1 - 2 feeds);

* Wake for the day after 6am; and 

* Take long, restful naps.

That's exactly what Slumber School is all about! 

It's an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach that gives you confidence in taking action to improve your baby's sleep.

What a life saver!

Jess R

What a life saver - after over 9 months of waking hourly, within 2 weeks of the plan our little boy is on his 4th night in a row of sleeping through, as well as having great naps in the day. Can't thank Katy enough! I was convinced Dylan would be the one baby that nobody could help, but I was so wrong. Do not wait if you are in 2 minds - I don't know why I waited so long thinking things would eventually get better! Absolute best decision was to get help. Fantastic!

The results were amazing!

Tarryn T

We have twin girls that were dummy dependent and waking a number of times at night. We got a perfect plan to teach the girls to sleep through and got rid of the dummies in just over a week. The results were amazing and the girls now enjoy great sleep and so do we!

I have regained my sanity!

Victoria G

Wow! What a difference this has made to our lives! When I was expecting my second baby, my daughter’ s sleep went downhill. The baby arrived and things went from bad to worse. We reached a point where bedtimes were a constant battle. I was up just as many times with my toddler as I was with my newborn in the night! My daughter now happily goes to bed. We don’t hear a peep until morning! As a result, she is well rested and I have regained my sanity. Thank you, Katy!

What's inside? What do the modules cover?

  • Step 1 - Preparations

    Before you start the plan we'll talk through the perfect sleep environment to encourage easier settling and longer periods of sleep. We'll also talk through the best time to start a plan and how to prepare yourself for the process.

  • Step 2 - Bedtime & Nights

    Now you're ready to get started, we'll talk through the bedtime routine, 2 different methods to support your baby through the settling process, how to handle night wakings (both with and without night feeds).

  • Step 3 - Daytime

    When it comes to improving sleep, the daytime is just as important as night time. In this section we'll discuss age appropriate daytime routines, awake windows and naps, as well as how to handle the day if baby wakes early.

  • Step 4 - Expectations

    When you start implementing the plan, you'll want to know when you'll start to see some changes and what might happen at different stages of the plan. This section takes you through what to expect as you work through the plan so you can be fully prepared. You also have an expectations calendar to download to help you as you move through the plan.

  • Step 5 - Moving forward

    Now you've worked hard to get your baby sleeping well, we want to maintain that! This section takes you through all of the bumps in the road that can disrupt sleep (development, travel, illness and teething).

Bonus material

In addition to the core modules of the course, you will also receive:

  • Nap Transition Guide

    This guide will help you with the signs your little one will display when they're ready to drop a nap, as well as a step by step guide to help you through the process.

  • Clock Change Guide

    The clocks changing twice a year can throw sleep, so when you're into a good routine, you want to keep things on track! This step by step guide will help you prepare.

What else does this include?

  • Twice weekly Q&As with Katy in a private sleep support group

  • Access to the support materials for 1 year

  • Daily recorded messages from Katy

  • Step by step sleep plan workbook

  • Expectations calendar printout

  • Age appropriate daily routine download

  • Extensive FAQ Library to answer all your questions

  • 2 bonus documents packed with extra tips


  • I'm breastfeeding, can I still use this approach?

    Yes, absolutely! I've worked with hundreds of breastfeeding mums over the years who have had great success with my methods, and continued to breastfeed long after they have a baby sleeping well through the night. My methods are not about stopping breastfeeding, rather separating it from how baby falls asleep. Many mums also report their babies become far more efficient at feeding due to feeding awake rather than when they are drowsy or asleep. Please note, the advice in this programme is not a substitute for lactation advice so please seek advice from a lactation consultant if you have any specific questions.

  • Does the process involve crying?

    As parents, none of us enjoy listening to our baby cry, but crying will often form a part of the process of teaching your baby to settle without sleep associations. Many of us are resistant to change, and babies are no different! Crying is baby's way of protesting the change and letting you know about it. We'll make sure that we've met all of baby's needs before starting the programme, and we'll put in place the best circumstances for baby to settle quickly and to limit protest as much as we can. You'll also have a very clear plan for how to respond if baby cries. I've given two different approaches to supporting your baby through this change, and both involve responding to baby and offering comfort.

  • My child goes to nursery, will this method work for us?

    Yes, while it can sometimes be a bit more tricky if your child attends nursery due to short naps, there are some suggestions in the FAQ library of the best times to start and how to manage this.

  • I have twins, will this method work for them?

    Yes it will, for twins (or triplets) the process isn't all that different to training one baby, the main difference is trying to coordinate 2 routines.

  • Am I able to troubleshoot questions with Katy?

    In short, yes! Inside this course, I have worked hard to answer all of the questions likely to come up while working through your plan. This is based on my experience working with hundreds of families, so I've seen a lot of "what ifs"!! It also includes 2 weekly Q&As, which can be accessed via the Slumber School Sleep Support Instagram Page. There is a twice weekly Q&A in a dedicated Instagram group to answer any questions you may have. You can also add on 1 to 1 calls with Katy at any time by emailing [email protected].

Imagine where you could be 2 weeks from now....

Imagine being a parent who feels confident putting their baby down at night, safe in the knowledge that everyone will get a good night's sleep. 

No need to cross your fingers and hope for a good night, you know your baby will be sleeping 10-12 hours when you put them down and they settle off to sleep INDEPENDENTLY. 

This 6 -18 month programme gives you access to expert advice, group support and an easy-to-follow plan. 

Ready to sleep? Join now!